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Climate and nature needs to be protected. This can only be achieved if we open ourselves up to a sustainable life. Ecological sustainability is about caring for natural resources in the long term, so that they can continue to supply humanity and future generations with what is needed. No one alone can make everything more sustainably but together we can make changes. 


In everything we do and produce at Friendly Feather Shop we have nature in mind. We love to create in natural materials and always try to impact the environment as little as possible. We try as much as we can to reuse packing materials and we ship our items in environmentally friendly boxes. 


Everything we sell is Vegan Friendly, Cruelty Free and 100% Handmade. We never have and never will test any of our finished products or ingredients on animals. 


In the unlikely event that you get tired of the product you bought from us at some point in the future, please recycle the item or even better donate it to charity.

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