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  • Are any of your products Vegan Friendly?
    Yes! Everything you find in our shop is Vegan Friendly.
  • Do you test on animals?
    No! We never have and never will test any of our finished products or ingredients on animals.
  • How environmental is the packaging you use?
    We try as much as we can to reuse packing materials and we ship our items in environmentally friendly boxes.
  • How do I pay my order?
    You pay with credit/debit-card. We, and millions of other businesses of all sizes use Stripe´s software and APIs to accept payments, send payouts and manage our business online. You can feel safe and secured when you use your credit/debit-card in our shop.
  • What are your delivery times?
    We will despatch your order within 4 working days. It can take up to 2-5 working days after despatch for you to receive your order depending on shipping distance.
  • What if I have a damaged item?
    We are so sorry if there is a problem with a product. We always try to ensure our products are as secure as possible during transit, but our products are handmade and some of them are fragile. Please send us an e-mail with your ordernumber and a picture of the damaged item and we will try to resolve this as fast as possible.
  • Can I make changes to my order?
    Changing or cancelling your Friendly Feather Shop order depends on the status of your order. Pop us an email with your order number and the changes you wish to make. We will try our best to help you.
  • Can I post about your product on my Instagram?
    For sure you can! Please tag us at @friendlyfeathershop, we would love to see your post. Unfortunately we are unable to offer everyone free products to review.
  • Can I blog about your webshop or your products?
    Absolutely! We are flattered that you want to blog about our products. If you have purchased our products we would love to hear your honest opinion. Unfortunately we are unable to offer everyone free products to review.
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